Admission Process

There are multiple paths to apply to the GG Scholars program (see flow chart below), but the main path will be by directly applying to the GG Scholars program. Students who are submitting directly to the GG Scholars will do so through the NC State Graduate School through their online application system. The application will provide information about submitting supporting documentation (including transcripts, letters of recommendation, and statement of interest). Students who are applying directly to an affiliated PhD program at NC State, but would also like to be considered for the GG Scholars program in their first year, follow the link to the GG Scholars program in their affiliated PhD program application. For those students who are currently at NC State in the first year of their PhD program, contact Martha Burford Reiskind for the application materials or see the link below. We rarely offer fellowships for current 1st year students, but we welcome students without the fellowship to the program as well on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about the application process please contact the GG Scholars program.

GG Scholars application opened September 1st, 2021 with a preferred deadline of January 15th, 2022 for full consideration.

Note: When writing your statement of interest, please follow the below guidelines:

  • Make sure you follow the word limits for each question
  • Include any research and other relevant experience in your answer to the questions
  • Include your interest and fit for GG Scholars program, and what you hope to gain from this program
  • Include participating PhD program you are currently in, applying for, or up to three degree programs you would like to pursue in your answer

Paths to the GG Scholars Program

New Incoming Students

The main route for prospective students is to apply to the GG Scholars program directly. GG Scholars can also choose this option for their first year when they apply to one of the affiliated PhD programs. All applicants will be evaluated equally, regardless of the application route. After completion of the one-year program scholars join an affiliated program.

Online application for new students

Current NC State PhD Students

We consider students already in the 1st year of a PhD program at NC State the GG Scholars program. Upon admission and completion of one-year GG Scholars curriculum, current students will continue coursework for their program. See information above about availability of fellowships. Current NC State PhD student application is here.

Application package for current students

*Note: The GG Scholars application will open September 1st, 2021. International students will need to apply to a PhD program from the affiliated list and the GG Scholars program.