Affiliated Graduate Programs

Below is a list of affiliated NC State PhD programs that GG Scholars are able to pursue. The GG Scholars director has worked closely with the Directors of Graduate Programs for the affiliated programs to make sure there is a clear path into the affiliated graduate programs from the GG Scholars program without a delay to degree. Affiliated programs will accept GG Scholar students, contingent on them finding an advisor who will support them in that program.

I chose the GGS umbrella program, because I was looking for an interdisciplinary graduate experience. The GGS program not only lets me rotate through different labs but also through different programs; this allows me the chance to find a project and labs that best fit my interests! Megan Dillon (2020 Cohort GGS Undeclared)


The Biochemistry program is designed to prepare individuals for careers in research and/or teaching. Emphasis is placed primarily on laboratory research, where students work closely with faculty to develop expertise in desired techniques and are mentored in the scientific process.


The Biology program offers students diverse research opportunities to explore some of the most pressing scientific issues in our world. Students participate in courses, seminars and research planned in conjunction with the student’s advisor and advisory committee.


Biomathematics covers a wide range of research areas, including physiology, ecology, evolution, infectious disease, developmental biology, toxicology and pharmacology. The program collaborates with other NCSU departments and research laboratories in the Research Triangle Park.

Comparative Biomedical Sciences

The Comparative Biomedical Sciences program uses state-of-the-art techniques to address a number of interesting scientific problems in the basic and applied biomedical sciences. Students conduct independent research and are prepared for competitive careers in diverse fields.

Crop Science

Offering opportunities for tailored research experiences, Crop Science students are prepared for meaningful careers that have local and global impact. The program has expert faculty who participate in a number of interdisciplinary programs that enrich their teaching and mentoring.


Globally-ranked, the Entomology graduate program offers a challenging curriculum, one-on-one research experiences, hands-on attention from committed faculty members, and extensive student support to ensure educational and professional success.

Fisheries, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology

Students in this intercollegiate program pursue an advanced degree in diverse subjects, including overlap with environmental resources, forestry and other specialty areas. Faculty and students help guide sustainable solutions for conservation challenges locally, regionally and globally.

Forestry and Environmental Resources

The Forestry and Environmental Resources program encourages candidates to explore advanced challenges faced in a variety of fields. Students have access to outstanding research facilities, outreach and industry activities, faculty expertise, and multiple degree concentrations.


Over the past 66 years, Genetics at NC State has continued to develop a program of excellence. The graduate program provides personalized mentorship and comprehensive well-rounded professional training in genetics academia, research, and teaching experience. The programs Genetics (Reade Roberts) and Functional Genomics (Spencer Muse) still recieve applications as the merger is still underway.

Horticultural Science

The Horticultural Science program offers students an opportunity to dig deeper into an expanding field. Students receive an advanced understanding of horticultural sciences as well as conduct original research and scholarly work at the highest level without supervision.


Microbiology offers engaged faculty as well as exciting research and career opportunities. Students are trained to recognize significant biological problems, design experimental approaches for solutions, and communicate their results to the scientific community and the public.


The Physics Ph.D. program offers an exciting intellectual climate and a strong emphasis on research that advances the frontiers of physics. Students in all of our programs learn from and work alongside our exceptional faculty in state-of-the-art facilities. Our graduate students win awards, author articles in prestigious journals and make significant contributions to their fields.

Plant Biology

Plant Biology students benefit from a wide scope of research with faculty who are well-funded and represent vast approaches, from molecules to ecosystems. The program engages in interdisciplinary projects and collaborates with faculty in many departments across NC State.

Plant Pathology

The Plant Pathology graduate program offers personalized experiences and professional engagement through internships, seminars and scientific meetings. Doctoral students have the option to craft their own program, capturing their individual research interests and professional goals.


The Toxicology Program provides comprehensive course work and training to prepare students for careers in academia, government, and industry. Research spans an array of topics ranging from the molecular to population level consequences of toxicant exposure.