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Interdisciplinary Professional Development Workshop Series

Join us for this innovative monthly workshop series open to all graduate students and postdocs at any stage of their careers that are involved in interdisciplinary programs.  This Workshop Series is sponsored by the Genetic Engineering & Society Center, the Genetics & Genomics Academy, and the Global One Health Academy. [...]

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Wicked Problems/Wolfpack Solutions – Tiered Mentoring Program

The Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions (WPWS), Tiered-Mentoring Program is a pilot project sponsored by three programs under the Office of University Interdisciplinary Programs: the WPWS, the Genetics & Genomics Academy, and the Global One Health Academy.  Three faculty members, Dr. Melissa Ramirez, Dr. Claire Gordy, and Dr. Martha Burford Reiskind [...]

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What I Learned Dancing to Bomba Music: A Compare and Contrast of the Conference Experience

In October of 2022, I attended a conference put on by the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Having attended an academic conference in Plant Biology in North Carolina just two weeks prior, I was struck by the marked [...]

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Have you ever run away from a funeral?

I have. The year I got married my grandmother passed away. Two weeks after my wedding, my family and I drove to Arlington National Cemetery to say our last goodbyes. The staff at Arlington were so kind and everything was going smoothly, but when we got to the graveside, and [...]

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Choosing an Advisor

Transitioning from undergraduate school into graduate school brings along many new challenges and opportunities. Obviously, there are things like moving into a new city, finding where to live, and meeting new people. Then you also have new classes, new professors, and other new life decisions, like choosing a lab, designing [...]

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Peer-Review: The Tragedy of the Scientific Commons

Earlier this semester, when I went to use my lab’s pH meter, it was in bad shape. The storage buffer was dried out, the internal solution had crystallized, and the standards expired over a decade ago. In a way, this pH meter fell victim to the tragedy of the commons. [...]

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