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Peer-Review: The Tragedy of the Scientific Commons

Earlier this semester, when I went to use my lab’s pH meter, it was in bad shape. The storage buffer was dried out, the internal solution had crystallized, and the standards expired over a decade ago. In a way, this pH meter fell victim to the tragedy of the commons. [...]

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Inequities in COVID-19 vaccine distribution

What brought me to make this post were comments from a friend of mine concerning the distribution of vaccines in D.C., where he lives. He found it curious that vaccine distribution -- that is, the percentage of individuals that were vaccinated -- is strongly correlated with wealth. Digging a little [...]

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At what point do you consider someone a scientist?!?

While scrolling through Twitter late one night, I came across a tweet from an academic advice account. The tweet read, “at what point do we consider someone a scientist? Is it when they graduate with a Ph.D.? Is it when someone achieves full tenure? Is it after publishing?” It had [...]

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